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February 21st, 2001 User Group Meeting

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Sponsor:  Sierra Wireless 

Wireless Connectivity
The device rumor mill 
The iPaq ROM update
Ads for Pocket PC that MS never published



Sierra Wireless is coming to speak on Wireless networking through Pocket PCs with the Aircard 300, 400, & 510.  

They will also discuss upcoming technologies from AT&T and Verizon Wireless. 

January 24th, 2001 User Group Meeting

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Sponsor:  Microsoft (First meeting!)

Pocket PC Futures
Pocket PC Web Site 
Pocket PC Software


Ideas for future topics, interests
Benefits of the group

1/24/01  Pocket PC Users Group Meeting Notes
"Just where the @#$% did all of you come from?"
Kurt Shintaku
Microsoft Sr. Systems Engineer and Southern California Pocket PC Product Specialist

I’m still baffled by the number of people that showed up to this little gig of ours.  We didn’t even advertise this beyond the Microsoft Southern California Newsletter. (which I might add was a little tiny note near the bottom of the email)  Just where the heck did y’all hear about this meeting from?  We expected 12-15, and we ended up with 42 people.

Pocket PC users just came out of the woodwork.  Like burrowing rodents!
(Hmm.  That isn’t very complimentary.  I guess I need to work on my similes.)

Needless to say, I’m almost frightened to start advertising the gig at Microsoft’s events.  Our next meeting will have to be moved to a larger room at Microsoft considering we ran out of floor space and chairs.  I’ll likely secure one of the multipurpose rooms or our Executive EBC depending on the number of people that show.


Thank you to all that came.  Special thanks to Ted Lo, co-leader and online communities manager for LAPPCUG for helping coordinate and ‘sign in’ everyone through the IR contacts system we set up for registration.

Also thanks goes to editor and journalist Humphrey Riley of the Rap Sheet for taking the digital photos of the group when I, the moron I am, forgot to bring my camera.

Next meeting is on February 21st (3rd Wednesday of every month).  It will be interesting because we are going to be sharing Microsoft’s customer meeting facilities with two additional user groups:  the Windows Media Users Group and the LA Windows Networking Users Group.

And remember –